Consulting Services in Critical Technologies
Our Mission

Our mission is to solve critical technical problems. We believe that problem solving is based on understanding. Successful solutions arise naturally when a problem is properly posed. As Feynman said, "the answer is obvious when you ask the right question". We believe that the key to successful problem solving is careful and thorough technical analysis. As your consultant, we bring an objective, unbiased perspective to your problem, guide your team through a comprehensive technical analysis, and help them formulate creative and innovative solutions by "asking the right questions"
Skill Set

  • Custom software development
    • C++, .NET, Matlab, IDL
  • Thin film growth and processing
    • Film roughness and localized defects
  • Extreme ultraviolet lithography
    • Multilayer EUV reflective optics
    • Laser-produced plasma EUV source
    • Collector design and thermal management
    • Flare and system throughput
  • X-ray imaging and tomography
  • Small animal imaging
    • Fluorescence and bioluminescence
    • X-ray projection and CT
    • Tissue optics
  • Microfluidic-based systems for bioanalysis
Daniel G. Stearns Ph.D. obtained a bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Michigan in 1978 and a doctorate in applied physics from Stanford University in 1983. Prior to becoming an independent consultant Daniel worked for 13 years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a senior scientist in the laser program. He has extensive experience in both experimental and theoretical analysis and specializes in custom software development. Daniel has authored over 100 technical publications, is an inventor on over 20 patents, and has received four prestigious Industrial Research 100 Awards for original inventions.